CPCF Logo for Grantee Use

The College Park Community Foundation logo is available here for grantees to use in their materials, signage, websites, and other materials, to acknowledge the Foundation’s support of their organization. EPS files are available by request.

Standard full color logo: jpg

Black and white logo: jpg

One-color logo: jpg

Guidelines for Use

The logo is available for grantees who have received confirmation of their grant award from the College Park Community Foundation.

For Electronic Uses: Please use a link to the College Park Community Foundation homepage at www.collegeparkfoundation.org.

For Physical Displays: When the logo is added to your materials, please email us at grants@collegeparkfoundation.org to tell us where the logo will be used and when it will be available. If the logo is used for events, please send us pictures of the final logo as displayed on event materials.