Meet the Board: Jackie Pearce Garrett

Meet Jackie Pearce Garrett. Jackie is passionate about helping nonprofits and social entrepreneurs build infrastructure that creates sustainable organizations. She first developed an interest in philanthropy while she was working as a trainer and management consultant for a national capacity building program. Jackie is currently Director of Business Development for a consumer nonprofit in Washington, DC.

Tell us about your day job. I wear a lot of hats these days! I am Director of Business Development for a consumer nonprofit in Washington, DC. I am also a facilitator with UMD’s Words of Engagement Intergroup Dialogue Program, and I also do training and consulting work with various businesses and nonprofits. In other words, I keep very, very busy!
When did you move to College Park, and why? I have lived in College Park three times: as an undergraduate student living on campus, as a recent graduate living in an apartment, and as a homeowner. In 2010, my husband and I became first-time homeowners after buying a house in Hollywood. There was a lot of reasons we picked this particular area of College Park: very affordable prices, walkable to the metro station, access to the University, and not too far from the rest of our families living in and around Washington, DC.
What has been your most memorable volunteer experience?  Is it too cheesy to say that my board service for CPCF has been my most memorable volunteer experience? Being part of the founding board of directors has been hard work but also rewarding and exciting. Perhaps most importantly, I’ve met the best people through my board service, including other board members as well leaders from nonprofits all over College Park. I am constantly inspired by the generous, philanthropic spirit of the people and organizations I meet along the way.