About Us

The College Park Community Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting local charitable efforts in College Park, Maryland. A more detailed guide to our structure and procedures is available here.

Mission Statement
The College Park Foundation is a non-profit, community-run organization focused on achieving its vision of a cohesive and livable community by:

  • organizing community resources and providing networking opportunities
  • fundraising
  • making grants to support community-based programs, projects and activities

The Foundation, its Board members, and any individual or organization affiliated with the Foundation shall adhere to the following core values:

  • General Welfare: We support programs, projects and activities that promote the general welfare of College Park residents and enhance the livability and cohesiveness of the College Park community.
  • Stewardship: We practice proper ethical and legal stewardship of all resources (informational, financial and others) maintained by the Foundation.
  • Respect: We treat all community members with respect.
  • Equity: We appreciate the diversity of the College Park community and strive to be equitable and inclusive in our operations, including fundraising activity and allocation of resources, across the diversity of our population.
  • Diversity: We actively promote diversity in Foundation membership and establish a Board that reflects the diversity of our community.
  • Non-discrimination: We do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, sex, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or veterans status, gender identity, age, cultural identity, political beliefs, economic status, personal appearance, or marital or relationship status.

Founded in 2011, the College Park Community Foundation is a component fund of the Greater Washington Community Foundation.

Statement of Nonpartisanship
College Park Community Foundation (CPCF) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting local charitable efforts in College Park, Maryland.

CPCF encourages all members of our community, including CPCF board members, to be civically engaged–whether as volunteers, activists, voters, or candidates. Strong civic engagement aligns with CPCF’s core mission and values and is a critical component of building a strong nonprofit sector in College Park.

In the spirit of our nonpartisan mission, CPCF, as an organization, does not endorse or oppose candidates running for public office, nor do we affiliate with any political party. Our board members who are engaged in this capacity do so as individuals and not as representatives of CPCF.

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