Age Requirement for Council Service Lowered to 18

The College Park City Council on Tuesday evening approved Charter Amendment 13-CR-03, decreasing to 18 the minimum age required to serve as a member of the City Council or as Mayor. The Charter Amendment passed by a vote of 5-3, with Councilmembers Stullich, Day, Brennan, Dennis, and Wojahn in support and Councilmembers Kabir, Hew, and Mitchell opposed.

Earlier in the evening Councilmember Kabir offered a motion that would have raised the minimum ages in the Charter Amendment from 18 for both offices to 20 for Council and 24 for Mayor. The vote on that motion tied 4-4 with Kabir, Mitchell, Hew, and Stullich in support and Wojahn, Brennan, Dennis, and Day opposed. The motion failed when Mayor Fellows broke the tie, voting against.