CPCF Launches Fundraising Campaign

Today we’re launching a new fundraising campaign that will extend through the end of 2013. We’ll be reaching out to individuals, business owners, and grantmakers through a campaign that will use public events, online tools, and social media. You can donate online here.

We’ve spent the last few months surveying residents and meeting with community leaders, and the feedback they have given us has been crucial. We hope many of those same individuals will be with us in the next stage of our journey.

As many of you know, our programs are divided into three parts: raising funds from individuals, businesses, and grantmakers who want to make College Park a better place, awarding grants on a competitive basis to charitable projects, and serving as a networking resource for other worthwhile community projects not being funded directly.

The fundraising target for our first campaign is $10,000, and we look forward to keeping everyone updated on our progress. College Park Community Foundation Treasurer Jackie Pearce Garrett will take the lead on reporting our success.

In addition to donations, we’re looking for help finding potential grant recipients. All members of the College Park community are encouraged to answer our Community Assessment Survey online. Thanks to everyone who already has!

The College Park Community Foundation is a constituent fund of the Community Foundation for the National Capital Region. All donations are fully tax deductible.

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